Frequently Asked Questions?

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1. What is is an online platform to link service providers to people who have works to be done. People who are looking for service providers to do their jobs in their homes, in their offices, in their companies, etc can now easily find them at their convenience on

2. Who is a client?

A client is a person who has work that needs to be done. E.g the owner of a vehicle who needs an engine problem to be fixed. He must have been registered by

3. Who is a verified service provider?

A verified service provider is person whose details have been vetted by workspap and has been found eligible to provide the services to the client. He is a person who does the job of a client. He provides the required labor. E.g an electrician, a technician, a salonist, a mechanic, etc. Is the person whose skills are needed by the client. He must have been registered and fully verified by workspap.

4. How does operate?

Workspap mainly links/Coordinates a service provider to the client (the person who is interested in the skills of the service provider). This is done through search. Search is based on two parameters: Location of a SP and Skill(s) of a SP.

  1. Client

The client must register first. The phone number and email address will be verified.

Illustration on how client can get a SP.

  • Client enters the skill and location where he/she needs the SP to come from. Eg. Plumber, Nairobi, Kenya). Then clicks on Search
  • The list of all registered service providers in the category of plumbers within Nairobi, Kenya will be displayed together with their contacts and reviews.
  • The client will then choose the SP of his/her choice.
  • The Client will call the service provider to negotiate how they can meet, job scope, payments etc. (The client engages the service provider). The client can also use site messaging system or quotation to engage the SP.
  • After the service provider has finished the work, the client should log-in to the system and rate the service provider.
  • For Unsuccessful/ unfound search for the client’s request the system will place a request ticket to the admin account for circulation approval within 24hours. The client to be notified when a person in his area of search is found.

NB: Service provider can also be a client. Any user who registers with workspap can be a client. This means any registered user can search, find and engage a SP.

  1. Service provider (Worker)
  • The service provider must register first.
  • He will then upload all the required documents and fill all the details including his skill(s)/Area of competence.
  • Workspap will then verify service provider’s documents.
  • The account will then either be APPROVED or The account can be rejected if the service provider does not meet the requirements of his chosen skill(s)/area of competence based on the measures and standards set by
  • The service provider will then be given a notification for his account status through the system (Whether it was approved or rejected). This to be done within 48 hours.
  • If the account is approved, it will automatically be set to active status and be seen by all clients who are looking for service provider’s skills and area of competence.
  • The service provider should then expect a call from clients any time requesting him to go and work.
  • If the account is rejected, then its status will be rendered inactive and cannot be seen by clients. The service provider will be notified and requested to provide more information and documents to support his/her chosen Skill(s)/area of competence or choose a different area of competence.


  1. Merchant (Tender Supplier)
  • This is a tender person with the capacity to get and service tenders.
  • He must be registered with in order to view all available tenders.
  • He/She can search and get a SP.


  1. Corporate
  • Corporates are companies that register with workspap. They can post tenders, view available tenders, post internship positions for college/university students who need attachment. They can search and find service providers in the system.


  1. General user
  • This is unregistered user or a guest/visitor to the system. He has limited access to the system.
  • He can only see some details of the tender but not all.
  • He can also see some details of the service provider but not all.
  • He needs to register in order to have full access and see all the details.


The client and the service provider must register first at


 5. What are the charges?

Workspap charges registration fee and monthly subscription fee as shown below for different accounts.


Account Type Registration fee (KSh.) Monthly subscription (KSh.)
Client Free (Nil) Free (Nil)
Service provider KSh. 200 per month KSh. 200 per month
Corporate KSh. 500 per month KSh. 500 per month
Tender person (Merchant) KSh. 200 per month KSh. 200 per month
Intern/Attachee 200 (One time payment) Free (Nil)


Please note that this fee can be reviewed from time to time by the management.

When the user registers and fails to pay registration fee, his/her account will not be approved. If a user fails to renew his/her account, it will automatically be deactivated or suspended.

 6. How do I pay?

Payment is done directly on the system. You can pay using MPesa, PayPal, MasterCard or Visa Card. For Papay, MasterCard and Visa Card:

  •  login to ,
  •   Go to Manage payments
  •  Click on Make payments
  •  Choose your payment option
  •  Enter the amount to be paid
  •  Confirm that you have paid
  •  Complete the payment transaction by clicking on Complete button on the system.

 7. I’m a registered client, will my details be seen by other clients?

No. You need to upgrade to service provider’s account for your details to be seen by other clients as a service provider.


 8. Can I play both roles as a service provider and a client?

Yes. has that provision. Once you register as a S.P, you automatically become a client. And if you are a client, you can upgrade your account to become a SP..


 9. Is workspap a recruitment agency?

NO. Workspap is not a recruitment agency. We do not conduct interviews on behalf of clients. We only verify service providers. Workspap does not give employment to SP but clients do. Workspap only provides a platform for Clients to find SPs,


10. Does workspap provide permanent jobs?

NO. Workspap does not offer jobs. We only provide a platform for clients to easily find workers for their jobs. It can be an hours work, a day, a week, a month a year or even permanent job basing on the nature of work and the negotiation between the client and the service provider.


11. Can I email my CV to Workspap?

Yes. CV will be part of the documents to be verified for SPs.


12. As a verified service provider, do I have to apply for a job from the client?

No. Clients who are interested in your skill(s) will call you for work anytime, anywhere.


13. As a client, do I have to post my job on the system to be seen by verified service providers?

No. Just log into the system and search for SPs who have the skills you are looking for.


14.How do I report scam, fraud/suspicious posting?

Send an email to OR Call our office number: +254717164202..



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